The Science of Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a naturally-occurring semi-precious gemstone that is found in all parts of the world it was first discovered in Sri Lanka in 1703. Since then some of the largest deposits of Tourmaline in the world have been found in Brazil, Pakistan, Afghanistan, America, Madagascar, and in many parts of Africa.

The stone appears in many beautiful colours, including several shades of amber, red, pink, purple, yellow, green, blue and brown, as well as black, clear and translucent.

Known as the Electric Stone, Tourmaline is the highest-energy crystal in the world. In 1880 lab experiments performed by Pierre and Jacques Curie proved that Tourmaline generates a weak electrical charge. This electrical charge enables Tourmaline to produce far infrared photon energy, negative ions, and alpha waves.

These three main characteristics of Tourmaline combine to provide many benefits to our health, such as prevention of cholesterol build up, purification of the blood, an improvement in circulation, stimulation of the autonomic nerves, calming of overly-excited sympathetic nerves, promotion of sound sleep and mental alertness, stress relief, stimulation of cell metabolism and enhancement of the immune system.

Tourmaline Produces Negative Ions

Have you ever noticed how refreshed, invigorated and just plain alive you feel when you’re at the base of a waterfall, near a natural spring, walking along the beach or in the woods, or right after a good rain? The reason you feel that way is because negative ions are present in abundant numbers!

To best understand the benefits of negative ions, it is important to understand the effects that positive ions have on our bodies. High concentrations of positive ions (and the lack of negative ions) are associated with most of the environmental stress found in our daily lives, such as exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, pesticides, dust and soot, and the radiation released by high-voltage power lines, computers, cell phones and electric appliances, to name a few.

These positive ions create free radicals, which are known to be harmful to our health. Tourmaline converts moisture in the air into negative ions which neutralize the free radicals created by positive ions. The higher concentration of negative ions produced by Tourmaline result in the same healthful effects on the body as the negative ions produced in nature.

More and more health experts, researchers and doctors are acknowledging the astounding health-promoting benefits of negative ions:

– Revitalization of cell metabolism
– Strengthening of the immune system
– Stabilization of blood pressure
– Improvement in blood circulation (dilation of vessels)
– Strengthening of the bones
– Purification of the blood (increase in alkalinity)
– Facilitation of breathing
– Reduction in pulse rate
– Enhancement of heart function

Tourmaline Emits Far Infrared Photon Energy

Far Infrared Rays (FIR) have been called the Light of Life, because they comprise the particular portion of the entire energy spectrum that’s most responsible for sustaining life on Earth photon energy. To understand this, let’s look at the full spectrum of energy emitted by the Sun:

– Infrared (near, middle and far)
– Visible Light
– Ultraviolet
– X-Rays
– Gamma Rays

By far, most of the Sun’s energy is in the infrared part of the spectrum. These rays are not seen as light (the visible part of the spectrum), but rather are felt as heat. Infrared rays are divided into three wavelength frequencies: near, middle and far. Far infrared waves are the longest of all infrared waves, measuring from 5.6 to 1,000 microns.

A narrow spectrum of far infrared waves in the 4 to 14 micron range is known to have particularly beneficial and healthful effects on the body. Why is this so? Consider that human beings send and receive FIR waves measuring in the 3 to 50 micron range, with the greatest output around 9 to 10 microns. When receiving FIR waves of similar length, such as those emitted by Tourmaline, by the warming that is produced by these waves can penetrate bodily tissues deeply and very uniformly.

This warming therapy of far infrared, and its other effects on the body are known to have many health benefits, including:

– Promotion of blood supply, circulation and body warming
– Purification of body fluids, and elimination of harmful toxins
– Reduction of spasms through the warming of muscle fibers
– Increase in metabolism
– Strengthening of the immune system
– Relief from stress and fatigue
– Promotion of sound sleep
– Stimulation of enzyme activity
– Regulation of nervous system and reduction of nerve pain

Tourmaline Generates Alpha Waves

The human brain generates several types of energy waves which pulsate at different speeds. Alpha brain waves are slow, and scientific research has proven that when people are in the alpha state, they receive more oxygen return to the brain, allowing them to rest or sleep more peacefully and deeply.

German and Japanese scientists have discovered that Tourmaline can radiate an energy of 8-13Hz per second, which matches exactly to the alpha wave frequency in the human brain. When exposed to this wave frequency, the brain can more quickly enter the alpha state, thereby bringing about a calm and peaceful sleep.

Studies have shown that the alpha state has many therapeutic effects on our health, including:

– Brain strengthening and an increase in intellect
– Improvement in mental clarity and focus
– Help with falling asleep
– Delay of the aging process
– Improvement in the body’s ability to heal itself

Although I am writing my findings as a hobby and to further my knowledge as well as share the information with people who may be helped by the information I discover … it is by sheer coincidence that I am a distributor of a product derived of this science so should anyone wish further information please do not hesitate to ask any questions I may be able to help with.



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I Am A Lifestyle Consultant based in London Uk with Clients Worldwide ... What sets me apart from the norm is My Extensive Knowledge in Most Life Subjects including Psychic Knowledge of The Spiritual World hence giving Me Insight into The Clients Lifestyle.
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5 Responses to The Science of Tourmaline

  1. Neetu says:

    Hi..very intersting information on ths site.can u please tel me a precious stone,substitutes and wearing method for a saggitarian suffering from recurrent mental disorder for alternate mood swings btw mania and depression the latter being prominent..for mental stability and career? Pl do reply on my email add

    • artijoshi says:

      First of all Dr Karki I am extremely grateful and humbled that you have taken the trouble to ask me, I am merely a normal person although I have vedic knowledge because I am Saraswat Brahmin I can not make any claims with regards to the cures of these stones some of it could be here say.

      Please understand that this is my personal knowledge and understanding of the power of the stones hence please do check your own experiences in your personal issues and I will be grateful if you will write back with your experiences hence it will help me also to learn more from you.

      I can only try my best to help you personally since you have asked me.

      Sagittarius is a powerful sign of the zodiac hence mental stimulation seems to be a must, I guess if mental stimulation is suppressed and the person is not allowed to express their feelings they may go into withdrawal hence depression can set in (this is my personal opinion not medical opinion)
      I have written about tourmaline which is suggested as a soul stone for this sign and turquoise is also their birth sign.

      Amber is also a good healing stone.

      I understand that turquoise is extremely powerful and can make or break a persons luck hence caution is advised, it is said that if you leave the stone in a glass of milk beside the head of the person overnight if the milk curdles the next morning it is suggested not to wear it, this may be an old wives tale I don’t know.

      In your saggitarians case if he/she is wearing a turquoise already and is suffering these symptoms of depression take if off and wrap it in a green cloth an put it away in a place of prayer for 40 days this will show if its the power of the stone causing the depression issue.

      Also a turquoise needs to be powered by moonlight it draws the positive energy of the moon this I would advise to be done on Chaand Raat – Full Moon nights first wash with salty water, then milk and then preferable purified drinking water ie mineral water then bathe in moon light, this will take out all the negativity the stone has collected over the month and re-energize the stone.

      There is a company who sells a pillow which has tourmaline in it and there are wrist bands you can get with tourmaline in it, in all that I have learned I have understood that it helps in balancing and grounding of energies ofcourse many other things too but basically these are the roots.

      If the depressed person is not taking medication for the issues I would like to suggest a herbal remedy St John’s wort, also a Panch Mookhi Rudraksh also can centre and ground a person.

      I hope these suggestions are helpful if you are happy I would be glad to advise further after hearing the cause of the depression I mean what circumstances have led the person down this path… I am a natural Psychic and am able to tune into the person so do feel free to ask further I hope I can be of help… God Bless and Be Happy Always ; )

    • artijoshi says:

      Huge reply … sorry but also a thought came to me that nutrition levels are also a huge part of how the mind and body behaves.

      I suggest a health supplement called Spirulina and calcium is also vitally important.

  2. Suniil says:

    Which colour of Tourmeline is best ?
    Please advice.

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