Eilat Stone – King Solomon’s Stone

Eilat Stone is a combination of Chrysocolla, Malachite and Turquoise.

A type of crysocola found in only one location on the earth – Eilat – it is the national stone of Israel.

King Solomon’s mines at Timna, near Eilat is known  to be the source of this stone.

The blue and green stones sold in tourist souvenir shops are generally imported from foreign copper mines, and are not really from Israel.

The unique characteristic of the stone is a strong and rare combination of blue and green coloring that can be mounted to very good effect in various jewelry settings. Beyond its physical properties, it is also known for possessing special energies and is associated with inspiration, love, emotional tranquility and optimism.

This stone has an uncanny ability to absorb many types of pain. It excels in healing emotional and physical aspects of Heart (lungs) and Throat Chakra. Eilat is unique because when placed on the Solar Plexus Chakra, it aligns the subtle bodies, harmonizes heart, mind, and body It flushes out and heals hurt, fear, stress and loss.

Used by healers as an antidepressant. Benefits sinuses, mouth, bone and tissue regeneration

It can be held or rubbed lightly against areas of pain. It helps to heal open sores that are not healing well. Running it under hot water before use increases its effectiveness.

Due to the pyroelectric nature of the quartz in the stone, the heat will create a small increase of voltage output from the stone. This has been found to increase the healing effects. It should be used directly against the skin without a cloth.

It can be fragile and care should be taken not to drop it, especially on a hard surface. You can use a large band aid or a strap to hold the stone next to your body.


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I Am A Lifestyle Consultant based in London Uk with Clients Worldwide ... What sets me apart from the norm is My Extensive Knowledge in Most Life Subjects including Psychic Knowledge of The Spiritual World hence giving Me Insight into The Clients Lifestyle.
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2 Responses to Eilat Stone – King Solomon’s Stone

  1. CLAUDETTE says:





    • artijoshi says:

      If you wish to use the stones as a spiritual tool it must not come in contact with anyone but yourself.

      You need to obtain the stone and wash it with rock salt and rinse and dry with a new cloth, then you need to sit in a meditative position in a clean state (meaning with full shower with head washed as well) and hold the stone enclosed between both hands and ask the universe to energize the stones for healing or what ever GOOD purpose you wish to use them for and the universe will oblige by your palms experiencing tingling sensation.

      This is my method of energizing the stones, if you wish to test of the stone is good for you then place the stone in a glass of milk at your bedside over night and if the milk goes off the stone shouldn’t be worn by you or if you place it under your pillow the dreams good or bad will warn you.

      If a stone ever cracks or changes colour or lustre put it in a green cloth and throw it in a running stream or river where the water is flowing do not wear it or use it.

      I hope this has been helpful information for you, If I can be of further help please feel free to contact me again.

      I pray the stones bring you wisdom and good energy for you time to come…

      Best Regards

      Arti Joshi

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